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Since starting to scuba dive, we've made trips to Cozumel, Mexico three times. Cozumel is an island off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The reef systems along the west side of Cozumel and the East side of the Yucatan mainland are fed by the beginnings of the Gulf Stream as it flows north toward Florida.

The reef systems are on the edge of the island shelf. The dive sites furthest to the south are coral gardens. Large coral formations 60ft tall, but not as much fish life. Amazingly large in the clear visibility of the Yucatan channel. Further north are the walls and patch reefs with many more fish and critters.

We keep going back because we know and love the place. The cost to go to Cozumel is less than Key Largo and the diving is much better. I hate to say it, but the people in Cozumel, both indigenous and transplants, seem nicer and happy to have us there.

I got a camera housing for my 35mm in time for the trip in fall of 2001. Here are some photos from 2001 and also from our most recent trip in January, 2003.


03chriswidereef.jpg (13340 bytes)
Chris in front of a coral formation -jh '03
03coral_boat.jpg (14724 bytes)
A dive boat 50' above us and the reef -jh '03
03crab_lobster.jpg (18527 bytes)
Chris spotted this crab and lobster sharing a lair -jh '03
03juan_eel.jpg (18695 bytes)
Juan started taunting this moray eel. When the eel rapidly came out of his hole, Juan thought about it again. Juan is the best! -jh '03
03turtle.jpg (18979 bytes)
This turtle was very calm as I approached for this shot -jh '03
03snider_cuda.jpg (13997 bytes)
Snider deciding whether to stay or go -jh '03
03unkfish01.jpg (13120 bytes)
03unkfish02.jpg (15007 bytes)
Parrot fish under a shelf. Some of the coloring is shadow from the flash -jh '03
03shrimp.jpg (25257 bytes)
Two Banded Coral Shrimp are out for an evening -jh '03
anemone.jpg (11855 bytes)
A sea anemone -jh '01

toadfish.jpg (10708 bytes)
The dive master told us to keep an eye out for the elusive toadfish. Low and behold! -jh '01

turtle.jpg (7687 bytes)
This sea turtle posed nicely between the camera and Chris and Shannan. -jh '01

wreck3.jpg (8640 bytes)
Felipe's stern -jh '01

angel.jpg (9691 bytes)
A French Angelfish. -jh '01

topless chris.jpg (8665 bytes)
Chris topless, as ordered. -jh '01

wreck1.jpg (6648 bytes)
The Felipe Xicotencatl, sunk as an artificial reef between the Chankanaab park and the Tormentos reef. -jh '01

wreck2.jpg (6450 bytes)
and from the safely stop. -jh '01

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