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seward, AK
resurrection bay2-midnight.jpg (7416 bytes)
Looking across end of Resurrection Bay toward Seward. See the cruise ship? This is another midnight shot as the sun goes down-jh

greenlush.jpg (9328 bytes)
Lush green plants just sprinkled with rain near the trail to Harding Ice Field-jh

exit glacier.jpg (9119 bytes)
The base of Exit Glacier. You think it doesn't look all that big? See the people along the ridge on the right? -jh

falls2.jpg (9858 bytes)
falls1.jpg (10537 bytes)
A snow and ice-fed stream falls toward the bottom the valley. -jh

resurrection bay-midnight.jpg (6462 bytes)

A ship sails down the bay, leaving Seward as the sun goes down-jh

artist at work.jpg (7641 bytes)
Chris shields his DV cam from the rain at our highest point on the trail to the ice field-jh

chris valley.jpg (7633 bytes)
Chris composes video during a stop on the way up the trail to Harding Ice Field. -jh

exit top.jpg (8415 bytes)
The top of Exit Glacier as it exits Harding Ice Field and flows into the valley -jh

The Seward area is a base of operations for the cruise ship and tour companies. There was a  cruise ship in port for each of the 4 days we were in Seward. Many people cruise up to Seward then take a train or drive up to Anchrage, Fairbanks, etc. Others fly to Anchorage or Fairbanks and then cruise back down the Pacific coast to the Vancouver area.

Anyhow, Seward is kinda of a neat little town (that got blasted by a tsunami in the '64 quake). The town is at the end of Resurrection Bay, a long fiord at the east end of the Kenai Fiords National Park. There is Kayaking, fishing, sailing, etc. to be had as well as some hiking around and just view admiration. The mountains around Resurrection Bay come straight up with very little in the way of shoreline between the water and the mountain faces.

We kinda goofed off in Seward with no real plans going in. We checked out the sealife center--kind of an aquarium/sea park/zoo with sealions, otters, seabirds, etc. as well as some of the fish and invertribrates found in Resurrection Bay. We thought about kayaking but opted out because of the time required to take a kayaking class. The Exit Glacier was my first up close and the hike up to the Harding Icefield feeding the glacier was fun, too.

We never did get around to fishing around Seward, but did toss flys into a lake and a stream on the way back to Anchorage from Seward as our stay in the fiords ended.

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