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Welcome to Heinzle.org. 

This is the transcendental world of Chris & Joe Heinzle of Lincoln, NE. We are both from North Platte, NE, where the folks, Gary and Pat, still take off their boots.

We--the two, the brothers-- tend toward engineering and building great things (mainly yard mess) that result in the other going, "cool." While we are not engineers by training, we broke and fixed a great many things growing up and thus learned about mechanical things-- rather unscientifically. Some of this site is a foray into those projects. Some is just us gabbing about stuff we like to do. Some of it is just our opinions. Don't disagree with us though, 'cause we're right!

We are both in the computer networking business. Joe is more of a LAN engineer and network administrator. Chris is more of an Internet backbone/router type. We both are fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of building and breaking- and rebuilding- of things not related to work (we generally don't take chances with breaking things at work). Chris owns a metal milling machine and we both have a myriad of metalworking tools and gadgets for making overbuilt things that we feel we (and others) may need.

If you see something on these pages you would like to have, or an idea based on our stuff you'd like built, email us and we'll be glad to chat.

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